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The Enterprising Beginnings of Sarthak Mahajan: Pioneering the Future of Indian Brands

Sarthak Mahajan, an enterprising force with a remarkable vision, is at the helm of McCoy Shoes. Educated at HR College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai, India, and IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, Sarthak's heart led him back to his homeland despite enticing opportunities abroad.

Driven by a desire to bridge the gap between European quality and the Indian market, Sarthak founded McCoy Shoes to redefine the sneaker game from an Indian perspective. His relentless pursuit of excellence and belief in Indian craftsmanship propelled the brand towards international success.

With a passion for innovation, Sarthak crafted every pair of McCoy Shoes with artistry, comfort, and contemporary designs. The brand garnered admiration from Indian consumers and expanded its global footprint under his guidance.

Beyond building a thriving brand, Sarthak's mission extended to revolutionizing the future of Indian brands on the global stage. Inspired by the movie "Swades," he sought to empower Indian entrepreneurs and artisans, paving the way for other homegrown brands to flourish internationally.

As an enterprising Creative Director, Sarthak's journey embodies transformation and hope. His unwavering determination charts a brighter future for Indian craftsmanship and brands worldwide through McCoy Shoes.

McCoy Shoes, an in-house brand of Galaxy International, inherits a legacy of excellence in shoemaking that spans over five decades. As a trusted manufacturer for renowned brands, Galaxy International has now ventured into the world of footwear under the McCoy label. Known for craftsmanship and quality since 1993, McCoy shoes offer a blend of high-quality materials and trendsetting design, making them a symbol of enduring style and comfort.